We all do it...

Whether we are conscious of the act or not, it's what God designed us to do. But what does that mean?

We were made with hearts that desire to be a part of something bigger than us. In that pursuit, we spend our time, money and energy chasing after all kinds of things that we THINK will fulfill that desire. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we get it wrong.

Worship is not about singing and playing music, even though music is a powerful and effective tool, used in our worship services. It's about much more - it's about our response to who God is and His acts of love poured out upon us. When we worship, privately or collectively, we intentionally take the focus off of ourselves and turn it to God. We thank Him for his provision, guidance, answered prayers and giving of new life in Him to each of us. Praising Him for being who He is. Surrendering every part of our lives to follow His lead.

At Sunnyside, the worship services are designed to provide time for you to express your gratitude to God, to allow His Spirit to speak to you and to open your heart to His life-changing words of love