David L. Mann


MAR 29, 1940 - APR 27, 1995

From his wife Barbara: Dave was as American as hot dogs, baseball, and apple pie. He was a Marine who was proud to have served his country. He loved the flag and the freedoms it stood for and never understood anyone who abused those freedoms. He was a hard worker and always believed in doing a job well or it wasn’t worth doing. He strived to do it right the first time. When he was out on a job, he completed that work as he would have wanted it done for himself. He believed in taking care of his possessions because he knew God gave him the opportunity and ability to earn them. He felt very blessed.

He loved sports. He could tell you what was going on most of the time and by whom. His boyhood dream was to attend KU and be a professional baseball player, although he never pursued either. Often he would reminisce about when he pitched on the church team as well as city league. He was a loyal KC Royals and KC Chiefs fan. He was honest and simple, not real good with words, but emotions ran deep. He was secure in his salvation, … knowing it was because of what Jesus did on the cross, not anything he had done himself. God says in the Bible “repent and be saved,” and that is how it was. No question, no need to research the fact, … just believe and receive and try to live like God wanted him to. He was faithful with the activities he could do at Sunnyside, his church home.

He loved deeply; he took care of those he loved – his family above all, and if his friends needed anything, he was there to do for them also. He was loyal, a true friend forever. He cherished his friendships. He cherished and adored his children, grandchildren and me. There never was a doubt he cared for me and our family very deeply. He wanted nothing more than to watch them grow up and be happy. A very sensitive man. A very affection man. He loved being a family man and we always came first. We will miss him deeply!