Youth Group

The iCHOOSE youth group is for kids in 7th through 12th grade. Youth group meets on Wednesday nights at 6:30p and Sunday mornings at 9:30a.


iCHOOSE… Freedom

F - We choose…Fellowship. As Christians, we want tot fellowship with other believers as a way to grow together in our relationship with God

R - We choose… Relationship. We want to have a relationship with God rather than just go through the motions and sit in church because we have to.

E - We choose… Excitement. We are excited to be at church and learn more about the Bible and we are excited to see what God will do with our future.

E - We choose… Education. We want to educate ourselves not only in school subjects but we also want to educate ourselves in the Word of God and teachings of Jesus

D - We choose… Devotion. We choose to devote our lives to Christ and give him our everything rather than live for ourselves and do what we want.

O - We choose… Ownership. We choose to take ownership of our faith rather then live through our parents faith or do things because people said that was the right thing to do.

M - We choose… Majesty. God is majesty and He is the reason we are all here. We choose to honor, worship, and serve the king of the universe.